Non-Ligating Braces

Non-Ligating Braces

Non-ligating braces are actually brackets defined that need not ligating or tying the arch wire into the bracket with wire ties or timy O-rings’. And as per these O-rings or wire ties, these enable the non-ligating braces to move the teeth freely with less friction resulting in reduced treatment time. With the many benefits that can be obtained from these braces, these are incomparable than those traditional braces.

The Benefits

Due to the reason that non-ligating braces no longer make use of ties, these help further reduce the frictional resistance. Thus, the teeth are now able to move easily and freely applying only a less force. The treatment now becomes more comfortable while the tooth movement becomes more efficient. Without those ties usually used in traditional braces, food trapping is thereby reduced that benefit a wearer.

Even those dental practices and companies give their approval to non-ligating braces as these bring less discomfort and decrease the treatment times. There will also be fewer expanders and extractions needed and fewer visits to the dental office. Another impressive thing to take note is that you only have to face less periodontal complications. They also possess some magic that helps straighten the teeth a lot easier and better.

As per the pain, it is less likely as compared to the pain felt by the tightened conventional braces. Since there is no bulky material used, inflammation and abrasions are not expected to occur. However, there is a need to schedule an appointment to make adjustments and to monitor the process. Sticky foods and hard candies also have to be avoided as these could potentially damage the arch wires and the braces. Even foods that are rich in sugar are as well not recommended and diligence in cleaning is needed every day. But really, non-ligating braces enable you to keep the teeth cleaner and better saving you some time in doing it.

Prior to the time required in the treatment involving non-ligating braces, it usually is shorter from the treatment involving conventional braces. However, you need to be prepared in some check-up appointments required in self ligation. But, the money and time saved from fewer appointments and length of treatment add up to the benefit of these braces.

The Final Look

As already have been mentioned, there will only be fewer extractions required to this treatment. But, the good news is that the final look will be a fuller and wider smile that looks so natural. Since this dental process keeps hold of the teeth, it ends up in a rather more finished and more perfected look.

If you will only take a closer look at these braces, they are less visible that add up to their strong points. The newest technology is used and thus, this helps reduce and eliminate tightening procedure.
By scheduling an orthodontic treatment today, it could be possible that your orthodontist will suggest you non-ligating braces for your misaligned teeth. You can now achieve that impressionable and perfect smile in helping you meet someone.