Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are commonly chosen as the option in straightening the teeth. Most adults chose ceramic braces as they are less noticeable than others.

Non-Ligating Braces

Non-ligating braces are actually brackets defined that need not ligating or tying the wire into the bracket, helping to reduce the frictional resistance.

Damon Braces

Damon braces can be fitted just like the conventional metal braces. However, these need not require tightening and adjusting the braces on a regular basis. Through the use of a slide mechanism, the wires attached to the brackets move the natural way with the teeth as they start to realign.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are actually positioned at the back of the teeth rather than from the front making them a good option. In the process followed, the impression of the teeth will have to be sent to a laboratory and will be used to make customized brackets.


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Braces Colors

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Braces colors are fun to look at. Braces have different kinds and different colors. During the treatment, you can choose the best color. Many people today want to have braces that can help straighten their misaligned teeth. However, a retainer should still be followed when the braces have already been worn for months or years. It is also normal for the braces to get tightened in holding the brackets in place.

Even though braces may look good, these are not simply as others could think of. A person who wears braces must maintain the cleanliness of his or her teeth. But, it can be quite hard with all those wires and bands attached to the teeth. By means of regular check-up, maintenance and monitoring, these can help bring out greater outcomes.

It is also important to consult a dentist to monitor an individual’s braces. New braces might sometimes be not applicable to all. Thus, tightening the existing brace is even more applicable and more recommended among those who wear their braces.

In tightening the brace, choosing the best colors is often necessary. It can also be based on your taste and also on the color of your hair or your skin tone. Here are some of the colors of braces that are available today. These can simply meet your unique needs.
1. Gold
2. Orange
3. Dark blue
4. Green
5. Pink
6. Violet
7. Black
8. Red
9. Lighter colors
10. Darker Colors

Tightening braces is also after changing the rubbers or the elastics. These elastics come with different colors. And, these are used to tighten the brace and hold brackets in place that are attached in your teeth. On the other hand, white color is a good choice but it can get easily stained. Brown or green elastics are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a food. Black color elastics are also mistakenly believed as a mimic of rotting teeth. Elastics usually come and vary in different kinds of colors.

Pastel colors are also among those colors chosen. These also proved to be cleaner when worn on the teeth. These are also the most chosen color especially during the summer season. For instance, elastic ties can be silver or grey in color. It is also fun experiencing the different color of elastic ties for braces. Elastic ties can also be made fit to everything such as in clothes.

It is also very important to have a dentist or an orthodontist around. He or she is the professional or the expert who can change the elastic ties in order that the bracket or wire not to be torn apart. Braces colors can also be entirely based on the preference of the patient. Grey and silver are those colors that are more likely to blend with the bracket and the tooth. These tinny rubber bands that are placed in the brackets are also called ligature. And thus, these ligatures are among those parts that can tighten and hold the bracket in place for better support.